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Let’s face it! I am a giver! I have definitely discovered through the years that I am not a seller of my arts, crafts, baking, and cake decorating as I love the joy of giving and sharing with others. ¬†SandhillDreams is my way of sharing with the world; sharing with you. The E-Freebies in this blog are just that….free….no cost to you. Spread the love of giving to others……share this blog.

I hope you will join me on this journey of adventure and fun!

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I love creating and experimenting with new ideas, baking and decorating cake, crafts, art, photos, drawing,writing, and sharing how to instructions.

Need wedding, birthday, and other cake ideas and decorating how to’s? What about craft ideas and instructions?

Cake… Blog, Blog, Blah, Blah, Blah
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Kid's Corner
Kid’s Corner

If you have a recipe or how to article and photo or a link to your blog or website you would like to share, please email me.


This site is to provide you with freebies: crafts, printables, and instructions, coloring pages, recipes, Kid’s stories, children’s eBooks, and crafts, photos and clip art, eBooks, and more! Check back often for updates on Freebie Stuff and More for you!

Free photos & Clip Art
Free photos & Clip Art

Yep, really, no cost photos and clip art for you to use!


eBooks & Free Books
eBooks & Free Books

Just select one of the icons or from the menu list above to go to the selected page to enjoy the freebies.


So if you are looking for crafts and printables for holidays and every day; for yourself, your children, or perhaps a class or club project, check these out!


Recipes…..what more can you say?

Product Reviews
Product Reviews
Ramblings of a Redhead

If you dare, take a journey via the writings of a redhead!  WARNING!! WARNING! The outlooks may be life changing! LOL!

Like to travel? So do I! Enjoy the Journeys!




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