Bubbles The Fish that Travels With Me!

Bubbles, The fish that travels with me!
Bubbles, The fish that travels with me!

During a move a couple years of ago, I was cleaning out and returning “stuff” that belong to family and friends that they left at my house for storage.  I placed this stuffed toy in my car with the intention of taking it to a thrift store. As this belonged to my daughter was then going on 37, I thought I would ask if she wanted me to send the toy to her.  Days turned into weeks, then into months.  When I finally asked her what she wanted me to do with the toy, three months had passed and apparently I had become attached to my traveling buddy.  My daughter said I could give the fish way, but she noted it was one of the first carnival toys my parents had purchased for her. Even if she had not said that, I do not think I would have placed the fish in someone else’s care!  By this  time, I had name the toy “Bubbles” and he had become a part of my many miles of traveling to and from work!  There is no way Bubbles is going anywhere!




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