Quick & Easy Camouflage Baby Onesie

Want a camouflage icing decoration for your cake that is super easy and fast? Icing sheets are your answer. Many of the craft stores that carry Wilton cake decorating products offer icing sheets. You can order these cake decorating sheets on line if none are available in your local stores. These sheets of thin candy icing are easy to cut and position onto cakes.



I am utilizing a camouflage icing sheet to create a baby onesie for a cake. If no camouflage icing sheet is available in your local stores, see the *instructions in the last paragraph.



phone 5-27-15 1477I printed out the baby onesie pattern located at Sandhilldreams Kids Corner Coloring Pages. There are T-shirts and other coloring pages located at the website.




20150521_165402Two different size patterns of the plain onesie are available for your use. The large pattern fits on an 8″x13″ or larger cake.





Secure the coloring page on top of the icing sheet with a piece of tape at the top and bottom to prevent slipping. Carefully cut out the pattern. Remove any tape that may be holding the coloring page to the icing sheets.

MAGIC!! You have your camouflage baby onesie!!


phone 5-27-15 1490


To place on your frosted cake, remove the plastic layer from the back of the icing sheet cut out and position onto your frosted cake. Simple and easy!





Now you can write funny or sentimental quotes onto the camouflage cut out. Use a small round tip cake decorating tube such as # 1 or #2 and thin frosting to pipe the letters onto the cut out icing sheets.



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If you like, you can pipe icing borders around the cut out with a star shaped decorating tip.




*If you cannot locate this camouflage design, purchase brown, light green, dark green, yellow, or other color icing sheets. Cut out the baby onesie out of brown icing sheet. Cut assorted shapes out of the two or more different colors of icing sheets. To make your job easier, remove the plastic backing of the icing sheets before cutting into smaller assorted shapes. Position the shapes onto the brown onesie cut out to get an ideas of where you want to adhere the cut out shapes. Once you have made that decision, dampen the back of each assorted cut out piece and attach to the top of the brown onesie to create your own camouflage print. Position the onesie onto the top of your frosted cake.


Sandhilldreams Kids Corner Coloring Pages

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