Camouflage Baby Onesie Reverse Frozen Butter Cream Transfer

Reverse frozen butter cream transfers are not that hard to create.  Below are a few of the cake decorations I have made using this method.  You just need a coloring page or printed outline of a picture.

I will show you how to create a camouflage baby onesie.  This method can be used on all your reverse frozen butter cream transfers.

I have an assortment of camouflage designs for baby onesies and T-shirts available for you at Sandhilldreams Kids Corner Coloring Pages. These printable coloring pages are available in jpg and pdf formats. ENJOY!

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Now Let’s Begin! Reverse Frozen Buttercream Transfer

First you will need a good frosting that will freeze well.  I did experiment with a couple of ‘store  bought icings”.  The Wilton worked excellent. Pillsbury did not work well at all.  You can find my Reverse frozen buttercream icing  recipe at Sandhilldreams that works well for the transfers.   My buttercream cake icing recipe is also available.

 Items needed:

  • Frosting  (black, green – light & dark), brown – light & dark)
  • Food coloring (optional if using colored Wilton frosting)
  • Wax paper
  • Coloring page
  • Food coloring
  • Tape
  • Stiff board or cake pan to tape the coloring page
  • Pastry decorating tubes or closeable plastic storage bags
  • one #1 or #2 decorating tip to complete the outline

Coloring your Frosting: You will need 1/4 to 1/3 cup of each color of frosting.

20150521_173237If using Wilton icing in the tubes, you can combine the icing to create different colors. Combine green and a dab of black to obtain a forest green color. Combine green and dab of yellow to create a light green.  Combine equal amounts of red and green to create brown. You can lighten any color by adding more white icing.

phone 5-27-15 1566If using white butter cream frosting, always add just one drop of coloring at a time.  You can always add more food coloring to obtain the shades your want.

  • Brown – add equal amounts of red and green food coloring
  • Green – add green food coloring till desired color is achieved
  • Light Green – add one drop green food coloring. You can add 1 drop of yellow for a lime green.
  • Forest green – add green food coloring with a dab of the black or brown frosting.

20150519_195900 Insert the decorating tip into the plastic decorating bag and gently push to the bottom of the bag. Carefully cut away the end of the bag to allow the decorating tip to insert into the opening.


20150519_195957Fold the top of plastic decorating bag over and fill with the black icing. Gently squeeze the frosting until it seeps out the decorating tip.

Fill plastic decorating bags or closeable plastic bags with the remaining colored frosting. Gently squeeze each bag to push the frosting to one corner. Cut a tiny tip off the corner of the plastic bag.

phone 5-27-15 1399With two small pieces of tape, secure the coloring page to the board or back of a cake pan. Using two more small pieces of tape, secure the wax paper over the top of the coloring page.

20150521_171724Start in the middle of the coloring page and squeeze black frosting onto the outline working your way out to the edge of the drawing.

Carefully place the outline transfer into the freezer for 20 minutes to harden. You can test with your finger gently pressing the black frosted outline. If not firm, allow more time in the freezer. Once firm, remove from freezer and begin filling in the empty areas.

20150521_182608Decide which colors you prefer in each outline area. Select one color of frosting in the storage bag and gently squeeze the colored frosting into the empty design area. Repeat this process with the remaining colored icing making certain the black outlines are covered.

20150521_195355The design will look YUCKY as this is the back of the transfer. The front side will be smooth.



20150521_175055Carefully check the design. If you find any tiny space not filled in with frosting, squeeze a little of the appropriate colored icing into the area. Use a butter knife and gently smooth the frosting. At this point you can add more frosting to the top. Example if your cake is to be frosted in white, add white frosting to the transfer and smooth over the design. IMPORTANT: do not press hard on the frosting as it will mess up the black outline.

Carefully, place the butter cream frosting transfer into the freezer. If using homemade frosting, leave the design in the freezer at least 1 ½ hours. If using Wilton frosting, the icing will be firm in 30 to 45 minutes. Once firm to the touch, remove the frosting transfer from freezer.

20150521_202900Remove the tape from the wax paper. Carefully hold the frozen butter cream transfer in your hand and flip it onto the center of the frosting cake top.

You can use small pieces of a paper towel or the back of a teaspoon to smooth any 20150521_203110imperfections. In addition if you like, you can pipe a border around the design with a decorating tip inside pastry bag of !


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