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Dog Lover Cake Decorating


The dog image was made using reverse buttercream technique. Just remember the image icing will look messy until after freezing and you flip the image over so the front, smooth side is viewed.

  1. Tape a coloring page or print out onto a flat board or bottom of a cake pan.
  2. Tape wax paper over the coloring page.
  3. Outline the image with colored frosting.
  4. Place in the freezer a few minutes to slightly harden the outline.
  5. Remove from freezer.
  6. Fill in other the empty areas with appropriate colored frosting.
  7. Return the image on the board or cake pan to freezer for an hour or more.
  8. Once the buttercream has hardened, remove from freezer, remove tape from wax paper, and flip the frozen image onto frosted cake top.
  9. Carefully peel off the wax paper.


  1. Use a crusting buttercream frosting.
  2. Apply a thin layer of white buttercream icing onto the image to eliminate chances of food coloring bleeding onto cake top icing.

Camouflage Wedding Cake


I made this wedding cake  for my friends. The top layer is vanilla and chocolate swirled cake fill with Chocolate to Die for icing and covered in vanilla buttercream.. The second layer is vanilla cake filled and covered with vanilla buttercream. The bottom layers is Chocolate to Die for Cake and filled with Chocolate to Die for Frosting and covered in vanilla frosting.

The dark chocolate colors of the bottom layer kept seeping through the white buttercream. I scraped off the buttercream covering the bottom layer.  I cut white icing sheets to fit the 4 sides of the cake and adhere to the cake with a little white frosting. I covered the cake and icing sheets with white buttercream. camouflage wedding cake

I wrapped the camouflage ribbon around all sides of the cake and secured any lose edges with a dab of icing.

Using  a vanilla buttercream filled pastry bag with a single small round hole decorating tip, I piped swirls on the cake. Replacing the decorating tip with a closed star tip, scrolls were piped at the base of the cake. Pink icing was piped along the top ribbon edge using the closed star decorating tip.

At the wedding the cake was placed on top if a real slab of wood.  Plastic straws were cut and inserted near a corner of the 2nd layer to secure the placement of the bride and groom figurine.  The initial ornament was positioned on the top layer.



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