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Free Children’s Short Story for Papaw’s with Farms

This children’s short story is dedicated to my dad Frank Suchy, my brother “Boots’ Suchy, my brother-in-law Terry Richards, my cousin Keith Suchy, and all the other Papaws with cattle on their farms that grandchildren get to experience. I hope you enjoy this cute little story.

ENJOY!   cow



Those Silly Cows on Papaw’s Farm


Camouflage T-shirt Pattern and Coloring Page

You use this T-shirt pattern as a craft or for a coloring page.  Be creative with your colors. The pattern is available at Sandhilldreams Kids Corner Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages Added to Kids Corner

Six more coloring pages  have been added to SandhillDreams Kid’s Corner!  These coloring pages are available in pdf and jpg files that you can print or save to your computer or flash drive.   Great for your children activities and for your crafts.  These pages can be printed for your use as reverse frozen buttercream transfers! Check back for more Kid’s Corner additions in the future!




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