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Last Night’s Dream


I had the most wonderful dream last night. In the dream a group of my love ones who have gone before me to the other side were visting with me. We were laughing, celebrating, and having such a great time. After a while it was time for them to leave. I was told that once a year for a week loved ones who have passed on to the other side can return and visit with those still living. Although, I felt one week seemed such a short period of time I was overwhelmed with joy to know I could touch and see my family and friends again. What a wonderful feeling! Upon waking, my heart yearned  that dreams could come true!!!


Zombie Flu Walk

Zombie Flu WalkAs horrible as my husband and I are feeling from this flu, I could not help but find some humor in the illness. We both slowly pulled ourselves from the comfortable seating we had been dozing and began our slow trek across the living room floor to the kitchen for more meds. I began laughing as I noticed both of our walking patterns, and said to my husband, “We are moving like zombies”. Yes, we really were walking like the zombies in movies. Thank you flu virus for the muscle aches and weakness! Ugh!!!!    But, hey, I did a grin out of my sick husband.




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