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No Place Like Home

Over 40 years ago before one of my parents cross country trips, I gave my Mom a little going away gift. It was a mini book with beautiful poetry. One of the quotes was “Anywhere you travel, anywhere you roam, there is no place like home.”  That statement has always touched me deeply as it is so true. No matter what beautiful sites you see and wonderful people you interact with, there is nothing like the feeling of arriving home.

Life is a Journey….Enjoy the Journey!


My Enchanted Highway

No, it is not the wonderful art sculpture decorated highway in North Dakota known as the Enchanted Highway.  It is the curvy Highway 78 in South Carolina that leads home. My Enchanted Highway is lined with trees, farms, wetlands, sand, and a Carolina Bay near by. That SC S-curve is always a beautiful welcoming site.

Rattlesnake in SD Badlands

We came upon this South Dakota Badlands rattlesnake.  Lucky for us but unlucky for the snake, previous sightseers had the encounter and killed the serpent. Do not know if the human or the rattlesnake was the predator. What I do know is the rattlesnake lost. Humans even cut off his rattlers. Would the snake have slithered off to safety if given enough time and personal space?  Something to think about…….  I  know I would have quickly returned to my vehicle and given the rattlesnake all the space he wanted!!!

Remember…We humans are just visitors to the wildlifes’ homes in the national parks .

SD Badlands Don


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