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Rattlesnake in SD Badlands

We came upon this South Dakota Badlands rattlesnake.  Lucky for us but unlucky for the snake, previous sightseers had the encounter and killed the serpent. Do not know if the human or the rattlesnake was the predator. What I do know is the rattlesnake lost. Humans even cut off his rattlers. Would the snake have slithered off to safety if given enough time and personal space?  Something to think about…….  I  know I would have quickly returned to my vehicle and given the rattlesnake all the space he wanted!!!

Remember…We humans are just visitors to the wildlifes’ homes in the national parks .

SD Badlands Don


West by North Day 2 part 1 of 3

No shorts today! Bring out the sweat pants and sweater!  The beautiful winding roads lead us to Fort Boonesborough State Park in Kentucky.  We had a wonderful tour of two forts, the original fort and the reconstructed fort.  Soap and candles are made at the Fort and sold. So much history!! Too many photos to share on this blog.


West by North Day 1 Treking the USA

My Dad wanted to visit his home state of North Dakota for the 4th of July rodeo and to visit the Badlands then to Deadwood, SD.  My husband, my Dad, and I began our two week adventure from South Carolina.

Our first day was tough! A seven hour trip  to Richmond, Kentucky turned into nine hours of hard traveling due a detour caused by an accident and road contruction mixed a couple down pours of rain.  All that beIng said we did see some beautiful scenery along the way.  

Ashville, North Carolina mountains are always beautiful.

Ashville NC

I love the rocks in the cut away of the mountains. rocks


The roller coaster ride or kiss my $#! curves highway in Tennesse will give your buttock muscles a good workout as you sway back and forth in the truck! Move over vibrational exercise machine!!!

roller coaster curves


Into the tunnel, through the tunnel, and into the  light.

into tunnel

Tunnel road

tunnel exit


Dinner time at our first night destination Richmond, Kentucky. See the sign on tbe post to the right of my Dad? Check it out at neighborly sign

Richmond KY

We were so happy to arrive at our first destination and even happier to stretch out in our hotel beds after a good dinner. Resting up for tomorrow’s big adventures!

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Enjoy the Journey!

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