My Sand Bucket List

sand bucket list 66x60
sand bucket list 66×60

I LOVE My Sand Bucket List! You have heard of the bucket list ~~ well this is better!  It is the Sand Bucket List! The Sand Bucket List is NEVER ENDING! Not like the bucket list which seems so FINAL! With the Sand Bucket List, you just keep refilling your sand bucket with your hopes, dreams, and goals!

Print the free .jpg photo file or the free .pdf file directly from your computer onto regular paper, photo paper, or card paper.

You can submit the free .jpg file to a printing company. Personally, I have My Sand Bucket Lists printed as 4″x8″ high gloss rack cards through VistaPrint. The cards come out beautifully. I even have Christmas envelopes printed to insert the rack cards and give out during the holidays.

Suggestion : Attach a magnetic strip to the back of the Sand Bucket List as a useful refrigerator magnet.

Select and save the photo in jpg format  or the select, open, and save the pdf file below. The PDF prints 4″x 9 3/4″ that can be cut and trimmed when you print onto regular size 8 1/2″x 11″ paper.  The JPG is 900×2200 pixels and can be adjusted to your desired paper/card sizes.

PDF Sand Bucket List

JPG Sand Bucket List is 900×2200. Just right click on the Sand Bucket List photo below and copy or save to your computer or flash drive.



Life is a Journey!  Enjoy the Journey!

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