Glass Block Idea School Bus

This lighted glass block miniature scene was created for a friend who …Can you guess??…. drives a school bus!  I wanted to honor her years of service and dedication in a unique way.

I looked online and at many stores to locate the school bus that would fit inside this glass block.

School Bus Glass Block







  • Glass block with opening in the glass block
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Tacky Glue
  • Foil Duck Tape (optional)
  • Felt
  • Wide ribbon
  • Green tree trimming
  • Miniature lights 10-20 light strand
  • Long needle nose pliers,
  • A pencil or wooden skewer
  • Cotton or fake snow
  • Snow glitter (optional)
  • Inexpensive artist paint brushes
  • Miniature toys

For a snow scene, apply glue to the inside base of the block. Sprinkle with artificial snow or press pulled cotton on to the wet glue.  Apply glue with a artist paint brush to the back and sides “inside” of the glass block and sprinkle with snow glitter.

There are a couple of ways you can glue the miniature toys inside the glass blocks.  (1)  Place hot glue or Tacky glue onto the bottom of the toy. Using the long pliers carefully insert the toy into the position inside of the block. Gently press the toy into place.  Hold  the toy in position until the glue begin to set.

Lighted School Bus Glass Block






There are two ways you can attach the miniature lights:

    1)Using hot glue, carefully adhere miniature battery operated or electric lights to the sides and top of the glass block. Be extra careful not to burn yourself with the hot glue.

Once the glue has cooled and the lights have adhered to the block.  Glue a strip or strips of felt over the lights.

     2)  Using the foil duck tape, adhere the miniature lights to the sides and top of the glass block.  Glue a strip of felt over the lights.

Once you had attached the miniature lights, glue wide ribbon around all sides of the block and tie into a large box on top of the glass block.

Using glue, attach the green tree trimming to the edges of the glass block and ribbon.

You can glue or tie additional ornament of decoration to the bow.



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