Infiltrate or Terrorism


Since the beginning of time, there have always been too many wars and too much terrorism as humans try to implement changes in the world. This is true whether the changes are for good or evil; government or religion. Someone has an idea of how he wants the world to be and wants it IMMEDIATELY so the scare kill tactic is used. BAD CHOICE!!

The best way to take over a nation is not by violence. Citizenship will get ‘your people’ into public office to run the country. It may take a couple of decades to infiltrate the government with ‘your legal citizens’, but it is definitely more effective than a short term violent take over. Slow changes over a long period of time can condition humans to what were radical or offensive ideas. Don‘t believe me? Just look at your television and movies as what is acceptable to view and say as compared to years ago. This ‘take over’ is SCARY, too!

Don’t get me wrong! I only advocate for love and peaceful changes in the world that benefit All. Freedom of choice. Freedom of Voice. Freedom of Spiritual Belief. No War! No Violence! No Terrorism! Only Kindness and Love for All! Wishful thinking right? It is My Lifetime Journey of my Soul’s Desires and Prayers for World Peace and Love! JOIN THE JOURNEY! Love and Peace through out our Universe!



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