Lighted Glass Block Writer’s Nook

Any aspiring authors in your circle?  This lighted glass block features a cozy writer’s nook. Even “us” bookworms would love to cuddle up with a good book in this lighted scene.

I created this lighted glass block for my friend. If you look closely you will see a miniature hand fan positioned on the chair seat and looking out the window you are viewing a patch of chamomile flowers. These are very significant to my friend.  She is an author of historical fiction novels. One of her books The Perfect Tempest incorporates the language of the fans that was used at that point in time.  If you would like more details on the language of the fans, please view Susan’s blog at  Another of her wonderful books is….Can you guess???….The Chamomile!


Hobby Lobby was my source for the miniature objects. The book shelf I created by gluing pieces of wood and wooden dowels I found at the craft store. The table, pencil, feather, chair, and lamps I located in the miniature object area of Hobby Lobby.

Assemble and glue together all the small furnishings and allow to dry.  Apply glue to the areas of the miniatures that will touch the glass surface. Insert the small objects into the glass block and hold in place until the glue adheres.  Allow the glue to dry for day or two before sealing the block.  This allows any moisture to escape and not condenses on the inside of the block.

More detailed instructions on assembling can be found at Lighted Glass Block Music Room


  • Please read all manufacturer’s recommendations and warnings for battery lights, electrical lights, and glues that you use.
  • If you hand is not small enough to fit into the glass block, you will need long tweezers or other type of tool.



If you like Susan’s books, please be kind enough to write a review and post it on Amazon.

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