Past Life and DNA

pastlife DNA jpgThere is so much controversy when someone states a past life remembrance. The ones who experience the vivid memories believe in their hearts these are true. Even young children voice past life experiences. Many can find documentation of the life events they are remembering. Although reincarnation goes against so many religious beliefs, a great number of individuals do experience past life memories.

One of the thoughts that crossed my mind is perhaps our ancestors’ life experiences are coded in our DNA. Some people may be born with these codes activated and are experiencing what we consider past life recalls. Scientists are just on the cutting edge of discovering the fascinating data coded in our DNA. Not just our physical characteristics are in our DNA, but possible future health issues can be determined. Maybe in the future one of the secrets of our DNA will reveal that it holds memories from our ancestors. If this finds to be true, then past life experiences or rather our ancestors’ life experiences may be as easy as unlocking the memory codes in DNA.


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