Stamped On My Forehead

Okay..I know I am a push over..a giver. I used to say I have “push over” or “handout-choose me-choose me” stamped on my forehead!   I seem to attract strangers out of nowhere who ask for money.  Yes, if I have cash I do share it with them or buy them food.  I love helping people!  I have encountered some characters. My husband tells me to stop smiling and saying hi to everyone I see. NOT HAPPENING!

Well, this afternoon as I pulled into a store parking lot a nicely dressed lady with  perfectly styled hair, approached my car and motioned for me to roll down my window. I was thinking ‘Man, she is impatient’.  I signaled to her to wait a moment as I needed to drown my thirst with a sip of diet Pepsi. I did notice this woman had two new brightly colored bedspreads each sealed in the original plastic zipped bags with price tags attached.  My first thought was ‘She is wanting me to purchase one of the bedspreads’. I put my soda down,  turned off my car, and opened my door. Before I stepped out of my vehicle, the lady said she was “out today getting free stuff, had no money,and was hungry”. I was puzzled as the store she just came out of with the two bedspreads does not give out any thing free. I explained I do not have any cash; I do have a diet Pepsi. She asked if it was unopened. I smiled and said “Yes, I have an extra bottle in my cooler”.  She took me up on the offer. We then parted ways. As I was locating my item to purchase inside the store, I looked around and thought I could have bought her something to eat from the store with my bank card.  I went back outside and she had already left. Then the “Guilt” set in! Uuuugggg! Now that being said………………….

….These days, I do not keep cash as I use my debit/credit card 99% of the time.  I am waiting for the day when I respond to a stranger on the street “I do not have cash, only a bank card” and then the person pulls out his cell phone with a credit card reader attached so I can run my card through it!!! LOL!! I will run!!

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