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As the story goes…..there were two brothers who roamed the land from the northern  borders of mountainous ranges to the farms, woods, rivers, bays, swamps, and creeks of the midlands to the southeastern coastal marshlands and ocean.  Fishing, hunting, trapping, and preserving nature were in the souls of these two youngsters. These Swamp Boys’ adventures were filled with many funny escapades that only real life can create.  Love and respect of nature lead to choices to feed their souls instead of hording a bounty. True hunters respect the land and the creatures of the land.  True hunters honor and respect the weapons they use. Many times coming home empty handed, fills the soul with more satisfaction than any food.  So many times the wildlife experience is more like meditation, a place to withdraw from the fast pace concrete world humans created to the peaceful surroundings of nature. Imagine not grabbing the weapon, but looking into the eyes of the animal with admiration and respect, allowing the creature to live another day. The exchange between hunter and hunted became a love of Mother Nature.

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