Life Lessons

If you find yourself in the same tough experience over and over again, perhaps you are trying to learn a life lesson on this earth. This applies to situations with a friend, co-worker, married/life partner, or even a stranger. Only you can break this cycle. 

Take a few quiet soul searching moments to reflect on the situation. What have you learned from the tough time? Do you think you have learned enough from the struggle so you do not need any more “life training”? Do you think you can “let go” of that struggle and move on with your future life in a happier and peaceful mode?

It is up to you. If you want to keep repeating the same tough experiences over and over again, it is easy to do as this does feel familiar and in you comfort zone. If you are really ready to break this cycle, make sure you have learned your “life lesson” well. You do not want to repeat this again. Acknowledge to yourself what your soul has learned; thereby you can release and begin your new journey of peace.





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