Alternative Cake Stands

You can utilize some unusual items to create amazingly beautiful cake and cupcake stands!

Be creative and utilize items in your home, borrow from a friend, or purchase items from dollar stores, grocery stores, or department stores to use as cake stands. Cardboard boxes, soda cans, jars, stacked books, and cookie jars make excellent cake stands.

EXAMPLE: Select three bowls or study boxes of different heights,  cookie  jars without the lids,  or stack books at different heights.

For an 8” cake, select a bowl 5” to 8” diameter For a 5” cake, select a bowl 3” to 5” in diameter.

At the Reception:
Arrange the bowls, boxes, or books on the cake table.

Gently drape white fabric or other color fabric over the bowls. Carefully, place the cakes on top of the bowls.

alternative cake stands

Fabric Selections:
You can use table cloths, sheets, satin, lace, or burlap, or other material. White or another color bridal netting material draped over the fabric adds a special touch.

Let your imagination SOAR!! Visualize this cake arranged on brown burlap cloth with yellow or gold satin ribbons and yellow sunflowers flowing around the cakes.

cocnut ornatme





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