Boiling Eggs Don’ts My Review of Eggies as Seen on TV Product

Boiling eggs should be easy! This is my try with this As Seen on TV Product.


First you wash and dry the plastic egg containers.  Second you rub,not spray, cooking oil on the inside of the containers. Crack you raw eggs shells and place the yolk and white of the eggs into the oils container.   After securing the screw on tops, you place the raw egg filled containers into a boiler of cool water, bring to a boil, and boil up to 20 minutes depending on the size of the eggs.

While boiling, some of the egg white leaked out into the water. Once the eggs have reached the hard boil stage, removed the containers and cool slightly with cold water.  Open the plastic container and remove the eggs.

Now I see why these Eggies were being sold at the Dollar Tree Store.  So glad I did not purchase these when they were advertised on TV at a much higher price than $1 a box!!!

IT IS SO MUCH EASIER to place eggs in their own shells into cool water, bring water to boiling point, place a lid on, remove from heat, and let set 15-20 minutes until cooked.



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